The promise of true cross-platforming

Since the dawn of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has been really into their whole ‘ecosystem’ thinking. Now after the launch of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 – which both actually share not only NT kernel, but also so called “Windows Core” – we are seeing the ecosystem truly coming alive and comprehensive. For end user this is basically a huge step towards unified user experience through smartphones, tablets, PCs and even on XBOXs, in your home and in work environment.

Although details are still a bit blurry, we can assume more and more cross-platform apps and especially games coming to Windows Store. Basically this means that you can start a game on your Windows Phone 8 device and play it for a while, and later continue playing right where you left off with a completely different device, e.g. on your Windows 8 tablet. The game itself might act a bit different depending on platform, but that doesn’t prevent it from sharing your save games, settings, achievements and others alike.

This is no science fiction – everyone who has used Netflix knows that by now. One can use it in all the platforms of Microsoft ecosystem, and it remembers your settings and watched movies and series regardless of what was the last device you used it on. I, for one, have fallen in love with it: it is just so simple to start watching latest episode of your favorite TV-show while sitting in a bus for 15 minutes, and then watch rest of the show from your PC or in your living room through XBOX. The best part? It automatically starts to play from the exact same place where you finished watching in the bus.

This is how it should be.


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