App-Monday: Skype

It was a no-brainer to pick the app for the launch of App-Monday series: Skype has been on Windows 8 since the beginning, at it still is a prime example of how fluid and intuitive an app can be on that platform. Skype for Windows 8 is totally free, and it has roughly 50 million concurrent users online on daily basis – so the chances are that some of your friends already use it (especially now that Windows Live Messenger users merge with Skype). Basically
Skype allows you to chat with your contacts, make normal and video calls to other users as well as to mobile or landlines worldwide, share files, have video conferences.. And it is completely cross-platform compatible; whether you and your contacts have it on your mobile, tablet or PC, you can always contact each other.

Just look at that UI: easy to work with touch screen or mouse!

Windows 8 “snapped view” works like a charm also:

Here’s the introduction video:

If you haven’t yet downloaded Skype for Windows 8, then head out to

See you next Monday!

App-Monday is a weekly blog series which aims to pick out and introduce the best Windows 8 apps. If you happen to know a superb app and want to see it reviewed, leave us a comment below and we’ll check it out!


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