Second day at the Innovate4Good seminar

First of all read Niina’s post about the first day at I4G or none of this is going to make any sense to you. Also congrats to Niina for her first post, I’m sure she’ll be valuable addition to this blogs’ authors. Anyway second day at Stockholm started with breakfast, and as you might know, writers of this blog are students – it’s sort of our thing to eat all the free food we can.

The insane amount of bacon and coffee consumed gave us a great start to the day’s activities. First we browsed through the whopping 125(!) problem/solution-combos we did yesterday. Basically we had to write down in pairs at least three problems, and propose a solution to them. Then twelve people volunteered for project leaders and each chose their favorite combo out of the 125. All other attendees then just joined their favorite project, and started to lay out the frames for the solution. After a brief amount of networking we took a bus to Microsoft’s offices and learned about an hour how their technology can help an entrepreneur. It was very interesting as I had not thought about that aspect in Microsoft before.


Making the world a better place is a serious business. On right our project leader and main visionary Carl Johan Rising (@listentojohan).

Back at the hotel we had lunch and then started furiously working on our projects. We had just two hours to transform a thought from piece of paper to a full start-up project with marketing plans and all the other things considered. This was it, innovating for good, and it felt awesome. Whole thing pinnacled on a three minute presentation in front of jury. After painfully long time (or at least it felt that way) the jury had decided which idea was overall the most likely to succeed, and guess what: the team I was in won! Our concept was about an inexpensive solar powered cooling unit / box for developing countries. Each of our team member won a Nokia Lumia 520, which is a brand new Windows Phone 8 device. However, they weren’t sure just when we will receive them :/

After the wrap-up session we slammed some burgers in our face (yes, we ate a lot and the food was awesome) and headed to the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. I’m writing this piece on the plane and I’ll upload this when I (hopefully) get better Wi-Fi on Helsinki-Vantaa airport (for some reason Norwegian’s Wi-Fi hasn’t worked on either flight between the countries). After that I need to catch one final flight to Jyväskylä and hopefully hit the bed by 01:00.

It has been an intense, long two days, but definitely worth it. For more feelings and pictures about the seminar just check Twitter-hashtag #I4GNordic. Also folks at ArcticMSP blog are going to post a video of the trip, so stay tuned!


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